Introducing the “Internal Medicine Flashcards”: Call for papers

Open AccessPublished:August 19, 2013DOI:
      Since its establishment, the European Journal of Internal Medicine has published a variety of research papers devoted to the different aspects of the science and practice of Internal Medicine in Europe, reaching a wide audience of internists all around the world.
      We are proud to announce the introduction of a new feature of the journal, starting from this issue, the Internal Medicine Flashcards (see EJIM online). Images and cases are an extraordinarily important way in which we learn and practice medicine. The Internal Medicine Flashcards will offer a platform to publish educational and interesting materials, in the form of pictures (medical photos, clinical images, typical findings) and a brief clinical case, depicting classical medical conditions, and will be in the form of a quiz. The Internal Medicine Flashcards are not intended as a mere means of publishing case reports.
      The manuscript will be organized into two sections. In the main section, an image (single or multi-paneled) should be accompanied by a short clinical description followed by the question “What is the diagnosis?”. In a following, separate section, the answer will be given, with a short discussion in which the authors highlight the relevant points about the case. A maximum of 3 references will be allowed.
      Submissions for the Internal Medicine Flashcards of the European Journal of Internal Medicine should conform to the following guidelines:
      • Authors: max 3
      • Image: one, single or multi-paneled. Only original, high-quality images will be considered for publication, provided they do not contain material that has been submitted or published elsewhere. If a photo of an identifiable patient is used, a specific release form must be completed and signed by the patient and enclosed with the submission. All the printed information that might identify the patient or the authors' institution (including but not limited to the hospital or patient name, date or place) should be removed from the images
      • Main section (case description): maximum 175 words
      • Discussion section: maximum 225 words + maximum 3 references
      The Flashcards will appear in the electronic version of the journal.
      We invite those who wish to submit a manuscript for this new feature of the European Journal of Internal Medicine and we look forward to providing a wide forum for it!,